Sunday, 29 November 2015

Rococo Chocolate

After talking to Rococo, I had successfully bagged myself some chocolate for potentially a Christmas review. Although, as I didn't receive their Christmas Pudding bar, which by the way sounds DELICIOUS, this post couldn't possibly be a Christmas one! Nonetheless, here I have a very nice selection ... I also noticed that Rococo chocolate bars now come in card and plastic packaging opposed to paper

Raspberry Fizz: With the "fizz" (popping candy) having an E number it didn't impress me too much, but whilst eating the chocolate I found that E20 was simply carbon dioxide! Hoorah! At first I didn't get the 'popping', but in the finish it was just poppin' away. I think this made for a nice touch. Although the overall texture was fairly clogging, the taste was the potency of freeze dried raspberries, nice and tart, which was a great counterbalance of the sweet white chocolate

"Why not try it with your favourite after dinner spirit?" I like Rococo saying that, a lot ... Rococo have many pairings with chocolate, such as cheese and beer  

Sea Salt: Hello again. Compared to most milk chocolate, this chocolate is fairly high in cocoa at 40%. This chocolate is just a classic; invented when sea salt touched Rococo's founder Chantal Cody's lips mingled with clotted cream ice cream. That anecdote is painted so beautifully

Rococo also do a cinnamon 40% milk chocolate, which sounds interestingly delicious 

Earl Grey Tea: The chocolate seemed far darker than 65%, but then again there was a sweetness that unleashed within every bite. There were nice crunches of tea leaves, which felt like rice crisps. The taste was certainly bergamot. Earl Grey tea is a pretty tea, away with the clouds. But just imagine this as a milk chocolate!
Spice Island: A homage to Grenada, with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves ... Initially it's the nutmeg in aroma, with slowly the cardamom weaving in. The texture was bitty, I think the crunches were predominately the cardamom. The taste swung back and forth from cardamom to nutmeg, with the occasional clove note. This chocolate isn't for the fainthearted, as the spices are the stars of the bar!

Overall, Rococo are masters of chocolate flavours. And also, I just love the new card packaging, as you're able to close the box and save your chocolate ... I kid, but really I do love the new card style because it opens nicely and these illustrations inside (that I have not photographed) are so beautiful! Rococo chocolate bars are the perfect stocking fillers! 

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