Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chocolate Makers Dominican Republic 75% & 40%

These Tres Hombres bars get their name from the sailing ship the Dominican Republic cacao within is transported on. Chocolate Makers is a Dutch bean to bar chocolate maker
40% milk
The aroma was green and wheat. First thing I found in taste was that the paper affected it. The chocolate was wholewheat crackers, red berry, with the salt sweetening up the flavour tremendously; the chocolate became very acidic. The finish was a bakery's brown paper bag

Now this aroma was more earthen and leather; the taste still lingered with paper, however the earthiness, leather and a deep roast dominated. The nibs, of which added great dimension, didn't seem like they were the same as the chocolate, as they were very bright and fruity! Occasionally the chocolate along with the nibs possessed a banana skin taste

Paper wrapping often has a detrimental effect on chocolate. The Chocolate Tree have recently gotten rid of their paper wrapping due to this problem

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