Sunday, 22 November 2015

Omnom Dark Cherries + Almonds

          'tis the season for festive chocolate   ?        
picture by Omnom 
Just like Omnom's 2014 limited edition, which was Dark Nibs + Raspberries, this chocolate was a 66% Madagascar

I love Omnom. Their brand is amazing and spot on with the packaging, their 45% Milk of Madagascar has to be illegal (it is that good), they make good chocolate and they just seem cool

Salt & vinegar crisps to the nose. The taste was very cherry and balsamic vinegar! The nuts added crunch and creaminess to taste and the cherries added chew. The cherry matched well with the fruity Madagascan chocolate, and I think salt with vibrant Madagascan always works really well
Overall, a good looking chocolate, a good tasting one too. There are four ingredients that aren't usually found in chocolate of this calibre nor style (sprinkling of fruit and nuts) which discredits Omnom for me. But hey, the 66% chocolate itself has excellent ingredients. And this would make for a cool gift

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