Friday, 20 November 2015

Duffy's Corazon del Ecuador 43% milk chocolate with nibs & oak smoked salt

This "heart of Ecuador" milk chocolate is made from Camino Verde cacao in Cleethorpes, UK. I was told, and this resonated with me when thinking and eating the chocolate, that the chocolate gets poured into the moulds halfway, for the cocoa nibs and salt to be sprinkled, and then the rest of the chocolate is poured

The aroma was Belgian milk chocolate, very caramel-like, and malted milk biscuits with the milk chocolate coating

It was a soft bite, leading to a biscuity taste, just like Duffy suggests! It was salted caramel and very creamy. To begin with there was a lemon grass edge to this chocolate and also the occasional taste of the paper wrapping. Once I was gifted with a real smokiness together with coffee. The studded nibs had a really chocolatey flavour, "woah"
To get the most out of this chocolate, one must chew. Chew to experience the crunches, to have the darkness of the nibs cut through that sweetness asap, and to crunch that salt (the salt enhances and adds to the great flavour)

This was a sweet milk chocolate, even in comparison to Willie's Milk of the Gods which is a 44%. It was refreshing to get the nibs throughout the taste (hence, chew!) And overall, this chocolate proves to a very popular one amongst those who try it!

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