Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Marou Dong Nai 72%

Marou make their chocolate with only Vietnamese cocoa beans, cane sugar and cocoa butter, apart from their limited edition bar which had a cashew praline in the middle layer. This Dong Nai 72% was of cacao produced at Marou's own fermentation and drying station in Dong Nai, Marou say that this makes it "a very rare 'pod-to-bar' chocolate"
The aroma straight away had a roasted timbre to it, with grapefruit, clove and little metallic undertones

The taste was very roasted (thoughts of burning toast), bitterness transitioned into a lightness of creamy coconut, hazelnut, chilli, followed by Vietnamese characteristics I lovingly recognised (acidity and spice)

The melt wasn't as silky smooth as Marou often is, it felt more waxy. The butteriness in taste and texture gave a calming feel, however I am more about louder, more expressive chocolate. Overall a good chocolate, not my favourite of Marou's but still good

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