Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Beach Chocolate Factory 70% with Nibs

An unknown chocolate maker to most, including myself, I only happened to stumble across them when on Chocolatiers.co.uk. The Beach Chocolate Factory are the first bean to bar maker in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The cacao within comes from the Tenorio region of Costa Rica and the chocolate is made with simply cocoa beans and organic sugar (my favourite chocolate recipe). Due to how elusive and secretive this chocolate is, because of the small batches its made in, Chocolatiers call it "a connoisseur's chocolate" - so I had to have it
An aroma of candied orange peel and metallic rawness. A hard snap, smooth melt. The taste was candied orange peel and bittersweet marmalade on burnt toast with a coffee to go

The nibs were very crunchy and packed so much good flavour
I hoped for an authentic chocolate experience and I had not been disappointed. The unique mould makes for a difficult break, but the thickness distinguishes itself from American, British, European etc. craft chocolate, making it that little bit more authentic

It is always a wonderful experience trying chocolate crafted in cacao-growing countries 

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