Monday, 4 January 2016

Talamanca Totonac 75%

A look at another elusive, authentic micro-batch chocolate, and again bearing the Costa Rican origin. The other chocolate I am referring to is The Beach Chocolate Factory's

The 75% cacao comes from Finca La Isla estate in Playa Negr, this estate belonging to Talamanca themselves. The ingredients for the Totonac bar was as follows: cacao, organic sugar, vanilla. The name 'Totonac' is after the Totonac people being the first producers of vanilla
The aroma was vanilla, little orange, but simply a vanilla-infested dark chocolate. Vanilla is ubiquitous in mainstream and cheap chocolate, however pure vanilla is an aroma so charismatic, and the vanilla in this chocolate was just that

A hard snap. The taste was classic hot chocolate, Mulino Bianco chocolate biscuits, potent vanilla, and overall quite uplighting (I feel the brightness came from the fresh vanilla). It wasn't incredibly rich, but that's okay. The finish was an assortment of biscuits

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