Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Black Gold Madagascan 72% dark & 55% milk

Black Gold craft chocolate. I feel privileged to be the first to write up on this chocolate - both these bars were "Batch 001"

This black and gold packaging seems to get a lot of attention: it must be the minimalism and handcraft aesthetic that does it
72% Dark
The aroma was smoky, earthen, coffee, the tiniest suggestion of acidity (red fruits and balsamic). It didn't seem so Madagascan, and as a casual chocolate maker myself, I was slightly envious about this, as my Madagascan chocolate is always crazy acidic. However, this chocolate may be very long aged and I think the beans were more towards a higher roasting temperature or time
The taste started and stayed roasted, with then the accompaniment of the anticipated Madagascan acidity: fruity! Amongst this was icing sugar, which unfortunately made it taste paper tainted. However, I found myself really admiring this chocolate's acidity, as from the experience of the aroma, I didn't expect such fruitiness

55% Milk
The aroma was very mellow, having smokiness and subtle dairy. The taste was that of the 70%, however up came such lovely creaminess! There was a toastiness within that reminded me of Casa Luker (Colombian) cacao liquor 

The texture was brittle. But that taste! The taste meant that this chocolate did not last long. I loved it!

Overall, as I've had Black Gold from its genesis - if you like -, I look forward to seeing how his (Brynny's) chocolate develops; only good things can come from this pastry chef

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