Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blanxart 77% Perú

White Criollo from Piura. Chocolate made from these beans have never disappointed me, and I have had several different bars! For this 77%, the cacao beans have been cultivated in plantations in the area of Quemazon and Chulucanas - and these are two names I like a lot
The aroma was vanilla, sweet 'n sour, bamboo leaves, pineapple. Snapping the chocolate, it looked smooth and 'well made', as there were no air bubbles. The taste started bitter then sour acidity, cherry blossom, toasted. The chocolate had a bitterness throughout

The texture was surprisingly grainy, I was literally crunching sugar. From previous experience with Blanxart, I do not remember their chocolate being this grainy

This was a difficult bar to finish. It wasn't bad chocolate, just not a chocolate for me. As 77% is a fairly high percentage, there was too much of a roasted profile dominating the ratio to sweetness 

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