Thursday, 10 December 2015

Askinosie Davao 52% Dark Milk Chocolate + Fleur de Sel

I've had the original Davao by Askinosie at a 77%, a good chocolate. This chocolate has the Philippine cacao, milk and salt. The milk within is goats', so I found it unusual that this was not mentioned on the front
The aroma was Askinosie, it had that distinct Askinosie feel to it: quite light and sweet. This Askinosie-ness was also in taste

The flavour started as McVitie's digestives, the dark chocolate and caramel ones. Nearing the finish came the salt, and boooooom soft, full fat GOATS CHEESE. Thankfully, the goats milk smoothed over to create a creamier taste ... and the 'Askinosie' flavour was restored

This chocolate reminds me of when I bought goats milk assuming great taste because it was more expensive than cows. It made it taste like I took a generous slice of goats cheese with my morning oats and coffees. Goats cheese can be really good, but as for a milk in chocolate, the acquired taste was lost on me

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