Friday, 18 December 2015

Q Chocolate 60% and 65%

Q Chocolate is Brazilian chocolate of the Aquim family, made with cacao from a single Brazilian farm, Fazenda Leolinda. The cacao is said to be "personally selected" by the Aquim family 

I first heard of Q late October, when I met one of the founders, meaning I had to shamefully say that I had never heard of it before 

The 60% had a smoking rubber tyre aroma and taste, with the taste leading to some red berry acidity. The texture was slightly crumbly. Taste-wise I was completely surprised. I didn't so much like the rubber smokiness, but the fruity acidity later was a great counterbalance
The 65% tasted massively different, it was bubblegum. It reminded me of a Zotter Labooko bar I've had. The snap and bite was brittle and the melt and mouth texture was glossy like bubblegum

Overall, I didn't understand as to why and how these two chocolates were so different, and if there is a logical reason for it I would have loved to have known! (was it intentional? e.g different roasts, conches, then it should be specified on packaging - maybe in the form of flavour profiles)

However, the taste of the 60% had something quite compelling, much like Omnom's Papua New Guinea. At first I don't like it, but with its bright acidity - the contrasting flavours makes me enjoy it

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