Thursday, 3 December 2015

Damson 45% Buffalo Milk Chocolate

Interestingly, this chocolate was not made with the intention of creating an actual Damson bar. However, it was just TOO good not to. I tried it for the first time during its grinding process at Damson's launch party, and my enthusiastic expression of approval and inability to stop going back for more meant Damson was on to a winner!
The aroma was gherkin, Italian herbs - those unusual notes of Damson's buffalo milk chocolate again, but also with a warming creamy cocoa 

The taste started cocoa, with then gherkin rounding to buffalo milk (just think really good mozzarella!) with flowers, toffee and fudge! And dam-son, it was so creamy, the texture so creamy too
Laverstoke Farm's buffalo milk is so delicious, and this chocolate is so delicious. It reminds me of chocolate cake batter, and you know that's irresistible 

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