Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Vietnam 80%

This chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is a Vietnamese blend, with cacao from "Mekong Delta and Dong Nah" [sic] - It is Dong Nai, or Đồng Nai. I have Marou's 72% Dong Nai, which will be interesting to see how these two differ and resemble

The aroma was tobacco, sour cherry, leather. The taste begun toasty and cocoa, cue sour cherries in club soda (carbonated water). The finish was marmite

Texture wise, to my surprise, there was a notably short grind. This made the chocolate, along with the Rabot bark-like mould, feel very rustic 
This was not a bitter chocolate, because of that carbon dioxide (sour) and sweet acidity. The carbonated water taste was strange, but really quite fascinating

For an 80%, this chocolate was so easy to eat - which made me respect Hotel Chocolat, as they have evidently taken care over wonderful Vietnamese cocoa beans 

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