Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Askinosie 77% Davao, Philippines

76% cocoa liquor, 1% cocoa butter (pressed by Askinosie) and 23% organic cane sugar; my first FILIPINO! chocolate

The aroma had the Askinosie signature, of which is something like marshmallows, sweet coconut, cotton candy (candyfloss), perfumed. It dominated, but the Filipino cacao did give an earthy depth with a touch of citrus
The texture was so smooth. The flavour had 2 differentiated levels, of which were in parallel and with vast space between them. The bottom level was earthy and tannic (astringent on the tongue), and the above was very light and prancy, with citrus and flowers (I thought Violet, Askinosie do actually suggest Lavender). Surprisingly, this chocolate does become quite sour or really sour

Davao is bitter, and that is how the chocolate starts and finishes; however, it is subdued, it is never a sharp bitterness. I had myself once a taste of Bombay mix, but the most memorable (and enjoyable) thing about this chocolate was the tangfastic sour burst
The overall flavour felt too roasted, but I loved the sourness. Though with that sourness, I'd have preferred more sweetness. After all, there is much love for sweet'n'sour in this world

Askinosie chocolate definitely has its own distinct flavour. And I would, without a doubt, be able to spot an Askinosie in a blind tasting

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  1. This chocolate was also one of my first from the Philippines and it just didn't appeal. But it is possible that chocolate from this region is an acquired taste and I just need to give it another try. I tried Blanxart's version and also found it...challenging.