Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Green & Black's Butterscotch Milk Chocolate

I fell into temptation over the words "37% cocoa". Green & Black's 37% milk chocolate is a chocolate I am so fond of. I've only tasted it once, but that one memory seems as if it'll last a lifetime (update: I now have an addiction of buying it). I'm not too sure as to why I liked it so much, but the real question was: could butterscotch enhance my beloved chocolate? I thought not, but nevertheless I knew I was going to enjoy it

I've always admired Green & Black's aesthetics: the packaging's fonts, colour schemes and gold foil that wraps the chocolate. This chocolate had a matte finish, black specks -the toffee pieces- penetrating the surface, a soft snap, and a rich cocoa and dark caramelised aroma

The butterscotch sweetly punched through the chocolate. I loved how the toffee was tasted right from the beginning and not just when bitten. Brandt Maybury, Green & Black's taste specialist, said to me a few months ago: 
"A little secret is we add some of the toffee 'dust', so that the flavour goes all the way throughout the bar"
And what a success - I love how a small detail like so is conspicuous; the flavour really was amplified. It also expresses just the passion and precision Green & Black's have for flavour

The chocolate itself had a lovely smooth melt but the toffee, with its sharp and crunchy texture, would stick to the back teeth. The taste was akin, but superior, to the Daim bar

I guess this chocolate was simply Green & Black's Burnt Toffee in a 37% milk chocolate and with a smoother melt. In terms of milk chocolate with toffee, Co-op's Toffee milk chocolate and Elizabeth Shaw's Butterscotch milk chocolate both seemed softer, milkier and more delicate in flavours. This could be down to Green & Black's using more intensely flavoured cocoa (Trinitario from Dominican Rep & Belize) as well as a richer tasting toffee

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