Thursday, 8 May 2014

Green & Black's Milk Chocolate 37%

The dark aroma gave a feeling of there being little sweetness compared to your standard milk chocolate. It was incredibly rich and with vanilla. I fell in love with this chocolate. With such an intensely chocolatey flavour, and its dark berry overtone and deluxe treacle, you can't help but love it. The richness of such a widely available milk chocolate amazed me

The cocoa flavour was gradually intensifying. The finish was rich and chocolate and, because it was so powerful, it had an incredibly long finish. There was a creamy dairy aroma and taste, though sometimes a bit like butyric acid. The firm snap sounded clear and crisp, but didn't snap along the scoring (like all Green & Black's chocolate bars)

*8.5.15 (exactly one year WOW) update* I regularly buy this chocolate, and the bar I'm eating right now has real notes of liquorice! I've not experienced this before!

Green & Black's using Trinitario beans- sourced from the Dominican Republic and Belize- differentiates this 'everyday' chocolate from the likes of Cadbury and Galaxy etc., well that, the price and the superior quality and taste. They use raw cane sugar -which adds an exceptional deep flavour-, everything (except the emulsifier) is organic and the cocoa is Fairtrade. The vanilla has no intention of flavouring the chocolate, but simply to enhance that magnificent cocoa!

The 37% milk chocolate was the best melt I had experienced from Green & Black's, and the snapping of the egg was superb. I think I preferred the thinner form. Nevertheless, this chocolate is now a favourite milk chocolate of mine. Cracking stuff

Like I said "The richness of such a widely available milk chocolate amazed me", although a subjective matter, I think this is one of the best widely available milk chocolates... in competition with Willie's Cacao Milk of the Gods (can be found in Waitrose)

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