Friday 11 April 2014

Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Butterscotch Crisp

A rich, deep aroma of which resembled treacle; having notes of liquorice. It smelt very natural and quite intense, despite the fact that it was only milk chocolate

The taste wasn't as powerful as the aroma due to the milk mellowing it, but it still was impressive; the butterscotch being sweet yet subtlety bitter. The sugars tasted rich and dark, with a burnt touch to it as well as having a light taste of honey

The honeycomb crisps had a gritty texture that stuck to the teeth, this is something I don't enjoy when it comes to chocolate; I prefer a clean bite/chew/experience. But its rich taste made me soon disregard its disruptive texture. The texture and melt of the chocolate itself was smooth 

I personally think the chocolate needs redesigning- a flat surface would look more sophisticated. However the taste must not be touched. This chocolate exceeded my expectations and how it tasted so rich, dark and natural was absolutely wonderful; the taste and aroma especially was sensational

Elizabeth Shaw source their cocoa from Côte d'Ivoire (Barry Callebaut QPP). 31% cocoa solids 

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