Monday, 30 June 2014

Montezuma's Creamy White Chocolate

This was my second delivery from Montezuma's, the first never made it to my door. I'm not too sure where my chocolates ended up but Montezuma's kindly offered to send again

I was also sent 2 dark chocolates but as I don't particularly like flavoured dark chocolates (unless they're real good quality), and even more so that I'm not a fan of chilli or ginger in chocolate, I didn't enjoy them and decided not to write about them. But like the old proverb goes: one man's trash is another man's treasure

The typeface of Montezuma's logo (minus the M) looks strikingly boring compared to the other writing on the packaging and especially when considering Montezuma's has such an imaginative and lively branding

On Montezuma's website this is called 'Dominican Republic' but that's not mentioned on the packaging. 29% cocoa butter with 25% milk solids

A gentle vanilla aroma and sweet vanilla taste. The chocolate had a crisp snap and a smooth buttery texture, all without an emulsifier! I loved the mellow vibe. Its soft flavour gave the impression of having little sugar within and you really notice the absence of that sharp and cloying taste commonly found in white chocolate. In the first couple of bites there was a plastic-like taste but that diminished. The chocolate did feel at times that it wanted another flavour to come through, but maybe I had had too was quite irresistible, I couldn't quite put it down

Montezuma's white chocolate was impressive; a soothingly sweet indulgence. It was a shame I didn't like the dark chocolates (chilli and ginger), but I think I'd have had a better experience with Montezuma's milk chocolate. Although Montezuma's isn't the easiest chocolate to find, I know that the Co-op stock it as well as health shops (£2.39 for 100g)

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