Saturday, 28 June 2014

Prestat Tea Time Frolics and Pecan & Maple Dream Milk Chocolate

This is the final post on Prestat's Art Deco chocolate bar collection. So far I've tasted the salted dark chocolate, the pistachio and passionfruit meringue white chocolates and now finally I'm onto these two milk chocolates. I believed I was saving the best 'til last, though the success of the white chocolates seemed as if it would be a close call

This tasting seemed like battle of the nations, a terribly British Earl Grey tea chocolate vs. the pecan and maple syrup - a synonym of America. The milk chocolate was of 36% cocoa solids and 24% milk solids

Pecan & Maple Dream 
The name and idea sounded so promising. I breathed in the chocolate. Bam- hit with an anticlimax. Just like Prestat's dark chocolate, it was perfumed coconut and sugars I was sensing, not chocolate

The texture was grainy, like hazelnut praline. I'm not too sure what it tasted like but pecan and maple syrup didn't come to mind. However, strangely I did get a taste of maple syrup drizzled on crispy bacon? There was a plastic-like taste that lurked in the background. The nuttiness was most prominent with a sweet little cinnamon spice

Tea Time Frolics
Occasionally I drink Earl Grey but I'd never go as far as to say I enjoy it, and after the disappointment of the Pecan & Maple bar, I wasn't particularly looking forward to this chocolate. Though when I initiated the hard snap of this Tea Time Frolics my hope regained itself slightly

The bergamot shot through in aroma and flavour. The chocolate had a smooth melt and the lemon gave a refreshing citric sharpness on the tongue. The chocolate's flavour started badly but as the lemon slowly came through it became more enjoyable. Only when chewing did I appreciate the ground Earl Grey tea leaves, adding little crunches here and there, but during the melt the leaves would get left behind and the last thing you want in your mouth after having chocolate is tea leaves

Both milk chocolates failed to fulfil my expectations, more so the Pecan & Maple Dream as the Tea Time Frolics actually delivered its proposed flavour, though just a little too forcefully. The Tea Time Frolics also had a good texture and snap, but really the bergamot flavour was too strong. Lemon in milk chocolate would have been more successful

To conclude my whole experience of Prestat's Art Deco collection, the white chocolates were the clear show stoppers. If you wanted to try any of these chocolates, your best bet is the Knickerbocker Glory

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