Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Prestat Toasted Pistachios & Knickerbocker Glory White Chocolate

I have already introduced Prestat and their new chocolate bar range here. Although I failed to mention that they're the proud owners of a Royal Warrant gifted from Her Majesty The Queen. I'm continuing with this art deco range, of which added pizzazz to their exisiting selection of chocolate bars, with these two new fun flavoured white chocolates. Prestat's 'Fabulously Creamy' white chocolate is the platform to showcase these new flavours, with cocoa solids of 28% and milk solids of 22%

Toasted Pistachio 
The green colour on the packaging made me think this was going to be the Matcha Green Tea flavour which excited me as I loved Prestat's Matcha Green Tea hot chocolate flakes! But then I saw it was a slightly less exciting flavour combination; white chocolate and pistachio. It still sounded good though

The earthy, nutty aroma was well defined and distinctly pistachio. It smelt kind of dry but it looked inviting, with the pistachio being scattered throughout. A soft break lead to a quick, creamy melt. A beautifully rich taste, which was not sickly sweet. This bar was just literally pistachios in a rich and creamy, high quality white chocolate. And I loved it. The added sea salt was tasted mainly in the finish, but I did get a few little sparks throughout which I was not expecting (I didn't realise salt had been added)

Knickerbocker Glory 
I thought the idea of passion fruit in white chocolate would work so well because of the sweet and sour contrast. This chocolate had a strong, sweet strawberry smell with a light, creamy nuttiness

It was nice to see the freeze dried strawberries and passionfruit and the crumbled meringue pieces within. The texture of the meringue was light and crunchy and there were also little air bubbles throughout the chocolate. The taste was noticeably sweeter than the Toasted Pistachio. And although at first I couldn't taste the passionfruit, when it did come through it was rather powerful; noticing sharp little twangs on the tongue. It tasted very exotic

Overall, I enjoyed these two chocolate bars much more than I did Prestat's Salted Dark Chocolate and I knew I would. The only flaws of these white chocolates would be how chewy and soft the Pistachio bar was, but the melts for both were smooth. Also, the pistachios could have had a little more crunch; they were slightly on the soft side. I still have Prestat's milk chocolate bars to enjoy: Tea Time Frolics and Pecan & Maple Dream

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  1. I remember seeing these when I visited The Chocolate Story in York...wish I had picked them up now, they sound ace! I've never actually tried any Prestat bars.