Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Beech's Chocolate Assortment

Before I get on to the chocolates, I feel I need to express my warm approval of Beech's new packaging design for their Thank You chocolate box. Although I'm not keen on the "Thank you" note, I love that Beech's are utilising this patterning which first originated on their Turkish Delight but made more recognisable by their chocolate bar range. I think Beech's should consider having all their products in this style as it would really carry an identity for them and it generally does look more expensive and luxury

This is a selection of Beech's Continental chocolates and with their passion for quality, the environment, their workforce and ultimately their consumers... I wanted to see just how well they could execute in taste

Dark Coffee Cream & Walnut
The crème filling was like a chewy coffee fudge... beautiful flavour of roasted coffee. The walnut crocant added for a great texture and allowed for a delicate walnut flavour to come through. I love coffee and walnut together and I really enjoyed this chocolate

Dark Orange Truffle
The truffle was definitely smooth melting but the texture felt too squishy. I will admit, as I think little of an orange chocolate, the flavour wasn't actually that bad and I quite liked it; just not my cup of tea. This was flavoured with natural oil of Florida oranges

White Hazelnut Supreme
This one was sweet and nutty. When tasting the praline truffle alone I got a sense of mint and plastic. The white chocolate added a sweet vanilla and I did like Beech's white chocolate bar. Despite not loving hazelnut chocolates, the predominant hazelnut flavour was actually rather pleasant...

Milk Vanilla Triangle Mousse
There was too much Madagascan vanilla in this mousse, it was way too strong. A subtler fragrant touch would have worked better as the excess vanilla made it taste very poor. All the milk chocolates (and the white chocolate) had a great sheen to them

Milk Strawberry Parfait
The strawberry flavour was reminiscent to strawberry flavoured medicine I once had when I was younger. It tasted too artificial and sweet and I really was expecting a more natural flavour

Milk Hazelnut Swirl
This one looked particularly nice. The hazelnut flavour was subdued. The texture of the filling was a bit funny, like a thick mousse. I much preferred the hazelnut flavour of the White Hazelnut Supreme

Caramel Delight
The caramel was rich and tasted quite dark, like toffee. I loved the caramel's smooth, flowing texture in the mouth- like liquid gold

The Caramel Delight and the Coffee Cream & Walnut are the chocolates that really stood out from this selection. I feel as if the Vanilla and Strawberry chocolates need refining. Paying £3.29 for 7 chocolates is great value for money- even when considering they're not the highest quality chocolates nor handmade. Beech's suggest it's a perfect thank you gift for those wanting to thank their teachers at the end of term. And I agree, but I'd much rather have them for myself :)

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