Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Digby's Fine Chocolates

I always wonder whether to write up on a selection of chocolates as an ensemble or not, but the enjoyment I get of looking at each chocolate alone rules my decision; for chocolates are a work of art after all
Digby's chocolate shop looks a delight, perfectly placed within the upmarket and fancy looking Royal Arcade in Norwich town centre. As soon as I saw the array of specially selected, handmade chocolates I was in heaven 

My dad treated me to 100g of chocolates and that amounted to 6 (chosen by me) chocolates. Just by chance, as I have a little job in a chocolate shop, I managed to find out which company had made each chocolate. I was simply flicking through a chocolate catalogue and there I saw some of the chocolates I had waiting for me at home. I was slightly disappointed to see they can be bought from a catalogue though

Raspberry Truffle
This beautiful looking truffle was truly handmade by the Norfolk Truffle Company, but sadly I wasn't too impressed. It felt grainy in the mouth and the creaminess and sweetness really overwhelmed the raspberry. It supposedly had Sicilian lemon within but I didn't pick up on that

Salted Caramel
Beautiful. It was rich and just smashing. The centre was soft, softer than expected. This salted caramel was another English chocolate. The top was a little too thick of chocolate, but still the caramel taste was superb

Crème Brûlée
The sugar coating wasn't necessary and just made the chocolate sound and feel so gritty when eating, but I guess the sugar coating does reflect the Crème brûlée. The filling tasted like Crème brûlée with that rich, burnt, sweet, caramel flavour. It was lovely (minus the sugar coating)

This one had a caramelised base which was rich and slightly bitter and I really loved it. The mousse was sadly kind of funny tasting, almost like plastic. It should have been richer and deeper in flavour (like the base) but the texture was nice

Caramel Cream
The extremely soft filling made this chocolate the messiest one to eat. Beneath the filling was a crunchy base which was caramelised sugar and almond (known as croquant). I could taste cinnamon and mixed spice and the almond flavour was coming through softly. It was bitter and sweet just like a crème caramel pudding, and I loved it

Butter Caramel 
This one really did taste nutty, especially almond. The white chocolate made it taste even richer, maybe a little too sweet? 

Digby's select some of the finest chocolates from Belgium and England and I really do recommend visiting them. I almost regret buying so many caramel-like flavoured chocolates, but the deep and dark richness of caramel really is most tempting, and I did love them. If I visit Norwich again I shall definitely try some more of their chocolates, but obviously different flavours! 

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