Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lindt Excellence 90% Dark Chocolate

Lindt use a "high percentage of flavour beans" and source mainly from Ghana. This 90% cocoa chocolate is an unknown bean blend, and the ingredients is as follows: cocoa paste, cocoa butter, low fat cocoa, sugar, natural Bourbon vanilla beans

I do enjoy Lindt Excellence (also their Creation range!) but I wasn't too sure how I'd feel about this 90% bar. The added vanilla suggested that the beans weren't so flavoursome, but the 'natural Bourbon vanilla' sounded promising 

It was jet black in colour, suggesting over-roasted beans? The aroma was sweet and soft, with the vanilla and cocoa overtones. I liked it, but there were no real subtleties

The chocolate had a sharp snap. When in the mouth, the bitter cocoa was first tasted and persisted. The dusty melt was not enjoyable but the cooling feel was fairly pleasant. There was a vanilla sweetness but the blunt bitterness overpowered 

I understand that this is no fruitful cacao (flavour beans), but for a "premium" and well established brand, who do offer such great chocolate, it's disappointing that I found the taste (and texture) to be so disruptive. I would have liked more cocoa butter. It tasted of cocoa, not chocolate. Though the aroma was lovely

This 90% cocoa chocolate isn't so much "high quality" chocolate, just excellent marketing

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