Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pacari Raw 70% with Maca

Pacari say the addition of maca to their raw 70% makes for an "antioxidant rich, nutrient packed, unforgettable chocolate experience". Maca is a root and a popular superfood, most commonly known in its powdered form. The benefits of maca are in abundance; so, along with raw chocolate and unrefined sugar,  this chocolate bar is more than good for you
The aroma is, of course, Pacari. The sophisticated and perfume-like leathered, flowers and earthy profile. And then the flavour is again Pacari, but with the maca adding delicate malt and butterscotch. The finish was slightly bitter, which from experience I think was more due to the maca than the raw chocolate

Chewing the chocolate gave a chocolate richness, caramel (thoughts of Cadbury Eclairs), nuttiness, malt and the Pacari perfume. Finally, ending my maca chocolate experience, way into the finish, I caught an almost ginger-like spice

The addition of maca powder meant that the melt wasn't smooth like other Pacari chocolate, this goes for the chewing too, it felt different to other chocolate

I enjoy Pacari chocolate and it is worth a mention that all ingredients are organic certified 

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