Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dormouse Chocolates milk chocolate with toasted pecans & sea salt

To me, Dormouse Chocolates is one of the few bean to bar makers in the UK. Of course, they are much more than that, as they started as chocolatiers. So in truffle and filled chocolate making may lie their priority...

A few days after buying this 39% Ecuadorian milk chocolate, I found it not to be made from the bean by Dormouse! Instead, this bar was the work of a chocolatier, as in turning Belgian couverture chocolate into bars, which to me was such a shame, as I thought I was buying craft chocolate! However, onwards and upwards, I shall forget my faux pas and hopefully this blog will feature a bean-to-Dormouse-bar sometime soon...
Lego-looking chocolate is certainly one I have not seen before. The domes were very shiny, showing Dormouse's knack for tempering

The aroma was sickly-sweet, chocolate-y, Belgian. The taste was very sweet, with then some enjoyable milkiness. Then I had some pecan, and wow, so maple syrup and buttery. I forget how beautiful pecans taste. However it's that hitting sweetness of the chocolate that finishes, sadly

So milk chocolate, proper milk chocolate, is next on the development list for Dormouse! Exciting times. And as the pecan paired with the salt was luscious, I recommend they keep this pairing and stick it on their own bean-to-bar milk chocolate!

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