Thursday, 8 October 2015

Damson Nicaragua O'Payo 70

This chocolate was one of 15 made. Currently there are a few bars remaining, but not for long. The cacao beans are organic from Nicaragua, hand-sorted, roasted, winnowed, ground, aged and tempered all in London, micro-batch style, by Damson 

The aroma was interestingly potent with a softness amidst. Firstly it's chocolate and pure cocoa nibs (slightly metallic) that hits you, with saline, blackcurrant, citrus and ham. The softness was lime sherbet and Honeysuckle. This was a captivating aroma
Damson chocolate always has a wonderful smooth melt and mouth texture. This O'Payo felt and tasted very creamy. The taste was acidic! Sweet & sour. Then lots of flowers came in, with black currants and balsamic blackberries with lime

Such citrus and lively acidity is what I am fond of when it comes to chocolate. It was an interesting chocolate, and with it being limited edition just makes it that more interesting... and I don't believe any other chocolate makers are using O'Payo as single variety 

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