Saturday, 10 October 2015

Doble & Bignall Coffee Infusion

This is a quick review. Read more about the wonderful Doble & Bignall on my first post and you can even meet them at this year's Chocolate Show (October 16-18th) in London!

I first tasted this bar with Damson chocolate/Chocablog. I expressed as a coffee chocolate it was impressive, so I got to take it home with me!

The aroma was the Puerto Cabello Venezuela cacao for sure, but the rich coffee dominated. I liked it like this, as there were some unpleasant notes in the Venezuelan chocolate alone (you can see in my first post) ... But overall the profile was coffee, chocolate and spice

The taste was lovely, the perfect morning antidote for my awful night sleep. The coffee had acidity and overall this 72% dark chocolate tasted so rich and refreshing

The Arabica coffee within comes from Kilimanjaro and is infused into the cocoa butter, something unique in coffee chocolate making I'd say. This Coffee Infusion was delightful

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