Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Damson Grenada Buffalo Milk

This chocolate is an interesting one, made from Grenadian cacao from Crayfish Bay, buffalo milk from Laverstoke Park Farm and a touch of Halen Môn Anglesey vanilla sea salt. But what adds to the interest is that I moulded this particular bar at Damson's kitchen!

The aroma was gherkin, dill, peppercorn - long live Polska! This was unexpected as I have experienced Crayfish Bay cacao before, but mostly because I tasted the melted version and a tempered version of this batch of chocolate and both had more of a dairy profile

The taste started very tannic, then came sherbet straws, goats cheese with that slight tanginess, and very creamy mascarpone and cream cheese. It reminded me of the chocolate baked cheesecake I made once. There was acidity, creaminess and that gherkin passes by again

Particularly for a milk chocolate the thickness of the mould is really good. Oh, and this Laverstoke Farm buffalo milk tastes great! I enjoyed this chocolate, mostly for its showcase of creaminess and acidity combining

This bar isn't for sale online, however it may be able to be found at the Chocolate Show (Oct 16-18, London)

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