Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ananda Chia Chic & Coffee Break 70%

The organic Ecuadorian cacao is sourced from Los Ríos and Guayas provinces. The cane sugar from Pichincha farmers. The chia seeds and coffee also have specified local origins. The chocolate is made in Guayaquil, Ecuador and then shipped to the Netherlands to the Amigos family. This is similar to how Madécasse operate! The packaging is ecologically good too. Errrrr, so far I am loving Ananda!

Chia Chic
The aroma was earthy, pepper, toasted and slightly metallic. The chia seeds didn't add anything to the taste, I didn't expect them too, but they added much to the texture. Their crunches were quite fun! In taste was vanilla, flowers, dark chocolate. I could feel acidity on the tongue, and bitterness (cocoa) lingered. The finish was like the aftertaste of having had the richest, darkest, chocolatiest chocolate cake

Coffee Break
A beautiful coffee aroma, reminding me of Chocolate & Love's coffee affair. The initial taste was numb, starting with cocoa (no sugar) then lemon boiled sweets or Fisherman's Friend. But when chewing, that is when it all happened. It was fresh filtered coffee, brown sugar crystals pouring in and grated dark chocolate melting within - beautiful. There was distinct great acidity too

The chocolate didn't melt easily, with an almost waxy texture; however, I felt this to be its only flaw, as when I got into the chocolate ... I really got into it ... and it was ... delicious

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