Monday, 28 April 2014

Willie's Cacao Milk Of The Gods

Rio Caribe 44% - Trinitario cocoa beans

This single estate 25% cacao mass, from Hacienda San Agustin (near Rio Caribe) in Venezuela, is mixed with 19% cocoa butter from Barlovento, raw cane sugar from Guadeloupe and 21% British milk

It smelt quite dark and intense with a depth of earth and fruitiness, reminiscent of dark chocolate, yet it was very creamy and with custard. My second bar (17/03/15) had distinct tobacco smoke and malt

I loved the hard, rigid snap and bite and it being a single slab made it more personal. The flavour was seriously roasted, with a cocoa depth and slight bitterness. There was little acidity, light chilli spices were vocalising, and the raw cane sugar did not overpower the cacao; thus creating a rich chocolate flavour. The milk created a very creamy, cheese-like taste and I also thought of coconut macaroons/biscuits, nuts and wheat

The texture was slightly coarse in melt with a cooling feel. The toasted lingering taste made for a long, soft, warm finish

For a milk chocolate, this Milk Of The Gods is very expressive. Upon the chocolate, the calligraphic typeface of 'Fruitful' is consistent with Willie's Cacao's distinct branding. And now with more and more of us making more conscious decisions when it comes to our chocolate (percentage and now origin), I'm certain in the very near future Willie's will become a household name. Not that being so would lose credibility for the prestigious Willie's Cacao... think of it more as an enlightenment of the British public

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  1. I really enjoyed this bar too, it was much richer than I was expecting. Have you tried the Willie's white chocolate bar?