Sunday, 6 April 2014

Booja Booja Banoffee Toffee Chocolate Truffles

After being somewhat underwhelmed by Booja Booja's Hazelnut Crunch Truffles, I thought I'd tackle some of their other truffles... after all the good reviews I've read of Booja Booja; I just wanted to be wowed

The idea of banana and toffee, banoffee, sounded interesting- banana being one of my favourite foods I went straight for this flavour and also because I knew that as it was from Booja Booja it wouldn't taste artificial; unlike every other banana chocolate/confectionary

The truffles smelt kinda boozy and even tasted so too. If I had blind tasted these I would never have guessed banana... nor toffee for that matter, maybe a rum and raisin concoction instead?

A light, soft texture with a dark, rich taste. The texture contrasts were excellent; the scattered caramelised banana jewels feeling quite juicy and moist. These truffles didn't taste cheap, rather high quality; this making them possibly the best truffles I've ever had yet

The chocolate used contained only 3 ingredients; superb - and 55% cocoa solids. The ganache was made with chocolate and organic coconut oil, then inside the ganache was caramelised banana (banana and cane sugar) and banana toffee (banana and cane sugar), and then to finish; these truffles were lightly dusted with cocoa powder

These are an indulgence that shouldn't make you feel guilty

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  1. I'm still yet to try Booja Booja...feel like I'm missing out!