Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Beyers Chocolate Slabs

I had never heard of nor seen Beyers chocolate before, so when I had the opportunity I bought a couple of their chocolate slabs. Beyers is made in South Africa, founded by a Belgian confectioner, and is supplied to the South African market, but their cocoa origin seems to be unknown but I'm 99.99% sure it is Africa (bulk Belgian chocolate)

White Choc Slab
A very creamy aroma, with a powerful fragrant vanilla. The texture was grainy, and when chewing the chocolate it felt dry and empty. And its taste... well, what taste? This chocolate had little flavour and was just boring

However, I did like the look of the vanilla bean specks and the aroma (to an extent; it wasn't mind blowing, but comparing to the taste it was good)

After looking on their website I see that they don't sell this chocolate anymore, and no wonder why. Its poor taste was just a disappointment 

Cookies and Cream Slab
Milk chocolate of 35% cocoa solids. This seems to be the only thing I know of Beyer's use of cocoa; the percentage of their milk chocolate

The smell resembled poor quality chocolate. It had a firm bite but with that grainy texture making itself present again. The cookies felt soft but they didn't taste bad, definitely needed a crispier bite though 

An overall disappointing taste. The slab looked fun with it's smudge of white chocolate and cookie pieces hiding throughout, but fun the chocolate was not

Caramelicious Slab
After reading a good review of this chocolate I decided to leave it to last; but I think I would have done so anyway as it looked and sounded the best of the three

But after not having a good experience of the previous chocolates, I had little optimism about this one. When looking at the packaging, it did sound and look great; "toffee and crunchy caramel crisp". But in practice the actual chocolate looked sorry for itself, with its toffee sticking to the foil wrapping. The aroma was similar of the Cookies and Cream, creamy and nutty, but the toffee gave it a cheesier sweeter scent

At first the chocolate tasted dull, but after a little while I grew to enjoy it because of the toffee; it was thick and chewy and tasted quite rich and sweet. The caramel crisps added to the texture and with their burnt taste it really helped improve the poor tasting milk chocolate

Overall, a disappointing selection of chocolates. The Caramelicious slab was the best tasting one out of the three, but I still wouldn't recommend. The chocolates all tasted Belgian to me, but sadly very poor quality. I did like the cardboard packaging, foil wrapping and the 2x2 square pieces design though

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