Thursday, 17 April 2014

Art en Chocolat Berlin

My brother, on his travels again, sent me 3 Art en Chocolat chocolate bars from visiting the shop in Germany

These bars were hand decorated, meaning that each looks unique... and truly do look a work of art. The minimal packaging ensures you to focus on the chocolate and they do look beautiful; perfect to give as a gift. However, because of this minimum packaging, none of the bars actually stated what they had on them, only the percentages of cocoa in the white/milk/dark/'superior' chocolate. So, I found myself guessing the flavours

Noir - ginger and pink berry - 54% cocoa
Scored into 24 pieces. A sweet, rich cocoa aroma; slightly earthy. In the taste the ginger lightly infused throughout each bite but potent when biting the actual ginger pieces. As the chocolate hinted towards a subtle rose flavour, I thought this to be from the little pink rocks, but after looking on their website I found that they were actually pink berries. The crystallised texture of the pink berries was interesting, having a crunch like a large-grain sugar, however they didn't give a definitive taste of anything. The long, smooth melt was excellent and that's how I knew that this chocolate was of a high quality. And as it didn't taste really dark, but actually quite sweet, I believed it to be the 54% opposed to the 72% Ecuadorian cocoa

Noir - 54% cocoa
Again, smelling rich and of cocoa but with certain spicier notes and a little sweeter too. It was very aromatic. In the taste a heat was first noted, a peppery taste to be precise, knowing straight away that it had to be red peppercorns. And again the chocolate had a long, smooth, delicate melt; it was just superb. The second element of this chocolate seemed hard to decipher, I thought it looked like apricot but tasted of dried apples... it was in fact dried papaya. The spicy pepper taste and mellow-sweet fruit worked well together

Blanc -  28% cocoa
A creamy, sweet vanilla aroma, undertone slightly cheesy. I knew it was pistachios, the shade of green upon the crushed nuts gave it away, they also gave off a woody-cardboard scent which balanced out that sweet white chocolate aroma. A beautiful melt and mouthfeel. Very soft and creamy. Not completely sure what the red decorative was, but I didn't feel as if it impacted on the taste; but they did have a chewy texture

Overall, excellent chocolate. Their delicate bodies with their delectable melts were each enhanced by the flavoured toppings. The tastes, textures and aromas were soft and perfectly balanced. It appeared that each had one dominating flavour and the other topping was to complement, but mainly to look artistic

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