Wednesday, 9 April 2014

E.Wedel Gorzka

My mother, being Polish, bought me this dark chocolate from a Polish delicatessen in town. E. Wedel, formerly known as Cadbury-Wedel, was sold, by Kraft, to South Korean Lotte in 2010. Albeit not quite Polish anymore, it still is today Poland's most popular chocolate

With 64% cocoa solids, it was darker than I was expecting. It was dark in colour, few shades off black, and had a strong cocoa aroma,  however the sugar powered its way through

The clear snap, and crisp bite was followed by a standard dark chocolate taste. An excess of cocoa powder was noted in taste and texture as the dusty melt was hard to ignore

You can't help but wince at the ugly design of this chocolate. It didn't taste bad and it was very easy to eat, but I just wouldn't recommend it, only to the fact that it was a dark chocolate and had no dimension to it (these two go hand-in-hand!)

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  1. I'd totally recommend this chocolate, for the intense taste of cocoa and for the fact that 3 squares are only 90KCAL, which, compared to other chocolates, is way lower. In addition to the above, it's a cheap mark and it's almost guilt free.