Thursday, 6 February 2014

Taste the Difference Belgian White Chocolate

The appearance of the chocolate itself looked ungraceful (almost resembling a Milky bar). But I told myself not to judge before I had engaged my other senses, as the eyes can often be deceiving

The aroma was weak, but I guess for a white chocolate that was better than it being too potent. The vanilla flavouring wasn't vanilla as I know it: rich and perfumed

The snap was soft. With 24% cocoa butter and 29% milk, the flavour was quite intense, it started creamy but then became sharp tasting to the point where it felt sickly. The sugar really dominated this chocolate. Although Fairtrade does not indicate quality, it was nice to see that this chocolate was Fairtrade

The melt was very smooth and thick. The back packaging says that the chocolate was given a long conching time...

This chocolate for £1.40 is worth a try, but I must admit that I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. I didn't really admire the softness of the chocolate when snapping and biting, especially compared to Lindt's delicate and firmer white chocolate as well as Go*Do's white chocolate. And the taste being of a high hitting sweetness just overpowered the potential of this chocolate

It's quite interesting to see that the Taste the Difference range has quite a wide range, with Belgian, Swiss, Peruvian and Santo Domingo chocolate... I must try them

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