Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lindt Swiss Classic Milk Chocolate

The aroma was very sweet, creamy and resembled Lindt's Lindor truffles. A definite soft toffee scent which I liked but soon became sickly. The milkiness was very prominent, though I'm not surprised as the Swiss are famous for their milk (and milk chocolate)

The taste was very rich and creamy, with a smooth melting texture. The flavour wasn't as sophisticated as Lindt's Excellence range, as it was buttery and overwhelmingly sweet. This also meant that after a while (with the smell too) it all became a little bit too much. A toffee flavour was also present, with pleasurable dark tasting sugars

I guess I did enjoy this chocolate, but I think I just had too much that it became ever so sickly. The smell lingering on my fingers ended up giving me a slight headache

It was indulgent but this Lindt milk chocolate was definitely not for me. I never was a fan of the Lindor truffles (very similar, if not the same, taste). And I now believe that when it comes to Lindt, I'm only a fan of the Excellence

If I ever want a standard milk chocolate of which I can easily get my hands on (from the supermarket)... I won't be opting for this bar

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