Saturday, 1 February 2014

Go*Do Organic Chocolate

Godo, in Italian, means a moment of pure pleasure. After being sent Go*Do's collection of chocolate bars to taste and write up on, I decided to do a little research into the bean-to-bar company. The chocolate bars are outsourced for manufacture, but Go*Do control each step of the production. The chocolate is made from beans grown in Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Peru

White Chocolate
30% cocoa solids
An incredibly creamy aroma with distinctive vanilla. The flavour happened to be even sweeter. It was nice, not sickly sweet. The sugar tasted dark, resulting in a beautifully rich flavour. The vanilla flavour didn't taste artificial

Milk Chocolate
This bar had a different mould to the white. The aroma was mildly earthy and dark, thus, I was expecting it to taste far darker than it did. This 34% cocoa solids chocolate had a natural flavour that is to die for (when it comes to milk chocolate), the flavours were well balanced. First you notice the sweetness, then those dark earthy undertones come through, bringing more dimension to the chocolate. This was a winner, and quite literally as it has won bronze by the Academy of Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut
The hazelnuts smelt and tasted fresh. During the melt, the chocolate felt very cool against the warm hazelnuts (this was quite refreshing). The nuts were of bite size and provided a lovely sounding crunch. The sweetness of the milk chocolate counterbalanced the bitter hazelnut

Dark Chocolate Sicilian Almond
A promising 60% cocoa solids, which proved of a silky melt. The aroma seemed slightly smokey. The almond was very subtle in taste as the chocolate overpowered. It's only when you're left with an almond piece that you actually acknowledge the Sicilian almond and this still appears to be very subtle. This chocolate was probably my least favourite one, but the thing is - it was still good. This one too won a bronze award from Academy of Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Espresso Coffee
Again of 60%, with that slightly smokey aroma seeming consistent, but there was the obvious coffee aroma dominating. It wasn't bitter, and as there was ground coffee dispersed within, it enhanced the natural flavour whilst also providing a gritty, but compelling, texture. I really enjoyed this bar

Dark Chocolate 60%
It smelt like an intenser version of the milk chocolate, with those earthy (and now smokey) notes. When tasting, I sensed this very high hitting rich flavour which was very elegant. When chewing this chocolate, the flavour evolved. Starting with wood-smoked notes then a subtle saltiness which provoked the final sugars to finish the flavour

I thoroughly enjoyed these chocolates. Go*Do should be proud of their chocolate: taste and texture wise, and to the fact that they produce from the bean and that it's all organic. The roast of the beans is so influential and noticeable, which just then complements each flavour balance so perfectly, resulting in such fine tastes

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