Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ritter Sport Whole Hazelnuts

This was my first time trying Ritter Sport chocolate so I had no idea what to expect, I assumed that due to the price of £1.05 it was going to be somewhat delicious as it looked such a small bar! But looks are deceiving, as this was 100g- so really the price was similar to that of Cadbury's, Nestle, Mars etc.

When snapping this chocolate it failed to break into the desired chunks, however this was only because of the hazelnuts. The hazelnuts were nicely spread throughout the chocolate and provided a a crunch texture

When it came to trying the milk chocolate alone, it was not great. I wonder if that's why Ritter Sport do not have just a plain chocolate bar... that with all their flavour combinations they're trying to hide their poor quality/tasting chocolate? 

The melt was fairly slow and the hazelnut flavour infused into the chocolate which I didn't find overly pleasant. The hazelnuts themselves were superior to those used in Cadburys Dairy Milk, however I think that the chocolate itself in Dairy Milk is unusually nicer...

I may end up saying this every time I have hazelnut chocolate... But I feel that I must stress that if you really do want a delicious hazelnut chocolate try Go*Do

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