Sunday, 9 February 2014

Moser Roth Finest Dark Chocolate 85%

On several occasions I have tried Moser Roth chocolate (from Aldi) and pleasantly enjoyed it. Moser Roth say that their chocolate is made for "connoisseur taste buds" and on the back packaging it states that it's a "delicious treat for connoisseurs of sophisticated gourmet chocolate"... That's a bold statement to make

This 125g of chocolate is divided into individually wrapped bars of 25g. Honestly, I sort of find this restricting... They're good portion sizes, but for me 25g is never enough. However, due to this being such a high cocoa percentage, I found that 25g was suffice
The design of the chocolate looked detailed, with a shiny, smooth underneath surface and the colour was very black; beans over roasted? The snapping sound was impressive, as well as how easily it snapped. I found the aroma to be very weak, only sensing cocoa and coconut (cheap chocolate), where I was really hoping for more complexity

The taste didn't take me on much of a journey with the flavours. The melt wasn't luxuriously smooth, and I see on the ingredients that fat reduced cocoa powder had been added... I think that's what really let this chocolate down. As that added cocoa powder made for the after taste and feel to be slightly waxy and clayey; this wasn't pleasant. When leaving this chocolate to melt, the taste wasn't enjoyed

It takes a while for the sugar to come through but the sweetness was quite satisfying (when chewing). I didn't find this chocolate to be bitter, but I could tell that it was really trying to be. The texture had quite a dry feel to it when in the mouth

Overall, disappointing, the chocolate just wasn't fulfilling. When I am to buy Moser Roth chocolate again, it shall not be the 85%. I thought this chocolate had potential to compete with the likes of Lindt etc., but in reality it lacked the complexity in taste, aroma and definitely mouth-texture

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