Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Thorntons Premium Collection

I finally had the delight of delving into my Thorntons Premium chocolate box. Opening the box I was greeted by 21 chocolates, twelve different varieties. They all looked promising and well designed, but the question was: how will the taste compare?

Café Latte
The roasted coffee and cream mousse was soft. Expecting it to be fairly mild in taste, it was surprisingly bitter. The sweeter white chocolate coating definitely weakened the bitter coffee flavour resulting in a well balanced chocolate

Vanilla Velvet
The mousse did not have a 'hint' of vanilla, it was literally soaked in vanilla - it did not taste natural at all. The dark and white chocolate; however, did distract away from the powerful vanilla mousse. The appearance was pretty

Marc de Champagne Truffle
This one was very alcoholic tasting. The dark chocolate was of a good thickness and had a firm bite. The Marc de Champagne flavour was subtle

Crunchy Praline
Appearance wise, this chocolate stood out the most; not because of an intricate design but because the box shape. The little bursts of saltiness were exciting, i'm becoming quite fond of the salt and chocolate ordeal. Then subtly the hazelnut came through and the flavours really complemented each other. I'm not really a praline fan, but this was nice. It had a nice crunchy texture too

Caramel Meltaway
A rich buttery flavour. There was a crunchiness which I wasn't expecting due to the 'meltaway' name suggesting a luxuriously smooth filling. The ratio of chocolate to caramel was not balanced. I would have liked to have seen a runny caramel in this collection. But anyway, this chocolate was quite impressive

Dual Layered Praline
No, this was not enjoyable. I don't think this praline should have been placed within the collection. I really did not enjoy this chocolate, and such a shame because the other praline was superb!

Caramel Divine
This caramel truffle tasted very buttery, almost like fudge. The design was impressive, but the taste was far too sweet. Overall, this chocolate really let down the expectations I had...being named "caramel divine" and the enticing appearance just suggested that it would have been superior to the Caramel Meltaway

Raspberry Ganache
It took a while for the raspberry liqueur to come through, and when it did it was potent. In the dark chocolate ganache there were little jewels of raspberry in there which made it look quite attractive as well as livening up the texture -  biting into a raspberry seeds

Triple Chocolate Mousse
This one was indulgent. A milky flavour with a luxurious creamy texture. The chocolate coating had a distinction between itself and the mousse (much like all the other chocolates). The white chocolate flakes made it look more appealing, and a real shame I only got one of these within the selection

Orange Truffle
The Orange Truffle was wrapped in red paper. The flavour wasn't as fresh and zingy as it could have been. I don't like orange chocolate, but the texture wasn't bad with the truffle having crunchy pieces within. I don't think orange chocolate deserves a place within any selection box... 

Amaretto Truffle
The amaretto liqueur hits you straight away. It was a little too sweet for me to have left for last, but I am a fan of amaretto and I did enjoy the texture of the truffle as it had pieces of crunchy amaretti biscuit within

So somehow I managed to eat all these chocolates x2 in one sitting... I do not feel guilty. I did get an awful bad headache though; but not to worry, I do love a chocolate headache sometimes

Ones I'd avoid: Dual Layered Praline and the Orange Truffle and if I was feeling incredibly fussy, possibly the Caramel Divine and Marc de Champagne. I enjoyed this selection box, but I wonder if this 'premium' collection was just too diverse? They all follow a similar texture and mouth feel, but the flavours were all quite different; that may just mess with your taste buds slightly. But I'll end this post on a positive note: I'd eat these again

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