Monday, 20 January 2014

House of Dorchester Caramel Collection

I was very kindly sent this caramel collection box by House of Dorchester. Now, I absolutely LOVE caramel and chocolate together so I was excited to see what HoD had to offer

The packaging was very cute, each chocolate being placed in a black petit four case which made it look more artisanal; very nice touch. As they were all hand finished, I liked how each chocolate wasn't identical. House of Dorchester work with Barry Callebaut's QPP  sourced cocoa beans

Hard Caramel
A 70% dark chocolate coating. The caramel was very hard, and had a light nuttiness, possibly brazil nut. The chocolate coating broke away from the caramel too easily when bitten into, whereas I'd prefer the chocolate and caramel to stay together in each bite. The caramel started to soften up, the darkness of the chocolate began to fade and a sweetness grew; it was a magnificent journey. This was my favourite within the selection!

Chewy Caramel 
The crumbled fudge on top hadn't much flavour which could be due to it infusing all the other scents. The chocolate caramel filling was very smooth. The milk chocolate coating was of 30% and the overall flavour was very chocolatey. I liked it but the bite and feel of this chewy caramel was a little too soft for me

Fudgy Caramel
The fudge itself was very sweet smelling. I liked the grainy texture as it reminded me of real fresh fudge. However, I much prefer my fudge smooth, soft and buttery. The sweetness was pleasant but I wish I didn't leave this chocolate 'til last... because there was a slight unpleasant vanilla aftertaste and I would have much preferred to have been left with a dark cocoa flavour. Although I did enjoy this chocolate, I think the fudge and caramel filling was a little too sweet for a white chocolate

Overall, this collection of caramels definitely did not disappoint. I really enjoyed it, however a runny caramel is what I was missing. I still loved the selection and i'd advise you to eat it going from white to dark

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