Thursday, 16 January 2014

Asda's Extra Special Belgian Marc de Champagne Truffles

Winning a confectionary Own Label Award: Asda's Extra Special Belgian Marc de Champagne Truffles

This specific packaging design is fairly popular with other supermarkets too when selling their own speciality truffles. Inside was a light purple tissue paper placed on top of a golden coloured bag which carried the truffles

The Marc de Champagne was surprisingly strong. It possibly tasted as strong as it did due to it being milk chocolate rather than dark, so initially it's lacking the intensity of cocoa to focus on the alcohol
I was not so keen on the teardrop appearance of the truffles. A harder coating of chocolate would have been more interesting, as I found the coating and ganache filling to merge together. I must admit that at first I did not like these truffles. That may have been because I hadn't cleansed my palate as when returning to these chocolates just days later, I found the taste to be much more enjoyable. I found them easy to eat and they weren't messy. I found myself eating them one after another

At £2 these truffles are certainly worth it. I'm surprised that they were only £2... I think Asda could definitely get away with raising up the price, but of course I'd never encourage that. I felt the quality of the milk chocolate was something to brag about (from Asda's perspective), as I absolutely loved letting the truffle melt on the tongue. It had a lovely smooth texture as well as tasting great

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