Friday 17 January 2014

Green & Black's Burnt Toffee

image credit G&B
I was immediately drawn to the purple packaging and the name: Burnt Toffee. The gold shiny lettering was also very appealing. The 60% cocoa suggested that I wasn't going to have an overly bitter experience and in fact, it was very sweet

Although it's not noted on the packaging, Green & Black's use organic Trinitario beans. This chocolate being Fairtrade and for all the ingredients to be organic made me appreciate it that little bit more

On the back packaging, Green & Black's refer to the dark chocolate as "smooth"; however, I have to disagree. I always find Green & Black's chocolate fails to have a smooth melting texture, and that to me is a real let down. The chocolate is too thick for me and almost impossible to snap 

The toffee pieces within certainly were attractive, like golden nuggets in hiding. The aroma was fairly spicy. The dark and deep smell intrigued me as I had no idea what to expect in taste

The pairing of burnt toffee and dark chocolate sounds very deluxe, but how does the taste compare? Oh so very well. The sweet toffee pieces complemented the fruity toned dark chocolate. The texture when biting was satisfying, but I much prefer to be able to just let my chocolate melt in my mouth, and like I said before, Green & Black's melt disappoints me. However, when you do leave it to melt, you're left with the toffee pieces which then allows you to have a pleasant crunch. The taste of that Yorkshire butterscotch was richer and darker (due to the touch of molasses) than standard toffee and it was beaaaaautiful 

The flavours were on point, but I'd love Green & Black's to work on their textures

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