Monday, 27 January 2014

Duke of Delhi Chocolate Delhi Mix Bars

Duke of Delhi sent me a few of their chocolate bars: dark & lime, dark & coconut, milk & Indian cinnamon, milk & cardamon and vanilla chocolate to taste! The dark chocolate consisted of 60% cocoa solids and milk chocolate 34%

I loved the traditional Indian design of the chocolate, as well as the silhouette/contrasting colours on the packaging. The bombay mix gave each bite a crispy texture, and with the general smoothness of the chocolate itself it was a great contrast. Duke of Delhi definitely are unique, and with this edgy concoction I wasn't too sure how it was going to go down... but I was surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed it

The snap of the chocolate was crumbly, and didn't break along the indentations. The dark chocolate was very dark in colour and the milk was also fairly dark considering it was milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate & Lime
This chocolate had an incredibly strong aroma, distinguishable lime with subtle alcoholic hints. It was quite refreshing, but lacked a zesty kick

The spices from the bombay mix contrasted so well with the sweet lime. Bearing a more sweet flavour, the lime wasn't as acidic as you'd expect and it was the finish of this chocolate. I personally wouldn't have this chocolate again, but I'm glad I did try it; it was innovative, unique and just interesting 

Milk Chocolate & Indian Cinnamon
The cinnamon aroma was beautiful, not as sweet as you'd hope for but that was because of the bombay mix singing out with its more distinctive spices. This one was very aromatic 

Being the cinnamon devotee that I am, I must admit that I was hoping for so much more... I wanted the flavour to be more intricate. If this one was dark chocolate I think it would have been finer. But, cinnamon and chocolate is a genius concoction

Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut
The aroma was slightly perfumed with the coconut remaining subtle but it definitely was there. The flavour wasn't as bold as the lime, but I was glad as it made for a more relaxed, delicate chocolate

After trying Duke of Delhi's milk chocolate, I was glad that this coconut flavouring was paired with the dark chocolate. As I just thought that the dark chocolate had a superior taste compared to the milk, probably because of the bombay mix playing a big role

The bombay mix and dark chocolate did overpower the toasted coconut, but not in a bad way. The coconut tasted natural, and if it was to be more prominent it could have almost seemed artificial. I liked this one

Milk Chocolate, Cardamom & Vanilla 
The aroma of cardamom is prominent. Same went for the taste. This without a doubt needs an acquired taste, so I could understand why many people may not enjoy it. But I liked it. Due to its bold flavour I think this was my favourite one out of the four. For some reason, I had a better experience with the milk chocolate this time compared to the cinnamon chocolate... no idea why, but it was lovely getting the undertone of the milk chocolate at random bursts, as the cardamom was the main attraction

I loved the dark chocolate because of the deep, rich and intense experience it had. But the balance, in all, with the contrasting flavour fusions were just spot on. The melt enhanced those distinctive flavours