Saturday, 5 March 2016

Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest 66%

The Beni Wild Harvest is a chocolate greatly admired, and very popular with Cocoa Runners (£4.45). The wild Beniano cacao that makes this chocolate grows on cacao forest islands in the Bolivian Amazon. And when it comes to the chocolate, Original Beans says it is delicate, yet expressive. Original Beans supports the preservation of Beni's forest islands. The ingredients are: fair-wild cacao, cacao butter and raw cane sugar (all organic) 
An aroma of earth, lapsang souchong (smoked tea), honey, apricot and figs. The taste was toasty, dark dark chocolate, it felt darker than 66%, there was slight bitterness, followed by subtle fruitiness, which opened up to essential orange oil, and now the chocolate was rather sweet. There was vanilla, leather, and pure richness. The finish was cocoa-rich dark chocolate

Introducing air into the mouth (aeration, achieved by taking an imaginary sip), I found a distinct liquorice. The texture was smooth, like the Swiss chocolate it is. The snap was crisp
Firstly I was underwhelmed with this Beni Wild Harvest, in my memory I had it down as being more "wild" in flavour, as I have tried the Beni many times before. Although admittedly I don't know if I just made that "wildness" up now, due to its name. The chocolate certainly grew on me. It wasn't so complex, I just enjoyed it's rich chocolatiness. If you love the pure chocolate flavour you will love this bar. I particularly love the ethics behind Original Beans, which you can find out more here

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