Sunday, 20 March 2016

Damson Café Brasil Notes Coffee Roasters

image Damson 
There are few pairings I love with chocolate, and coffee is one of them. This is Damson's first collaboration bar. Damson worked with Notes Coffee Roasters to compose this Café Brasil. The chocolate tells the story of two London based bean-maestros, taking their Brazilian beans (cocoa and coffee) and creating a Brazilian elixir. Note I was about to say the Brazilian elixir but, after conversing with Damson, I know to save that expression for another time!

The Brazilian cocoa is from Fazenda Camboa, cultivated by Cacao Bahia, and the coffee is from Cachoeirinha, being of the Red Catuai variety, produced by the 'Borges Family'
It was an aroma of coffee, earth, deep forests, biscuits. The taste started bitter but it was quick to melt and there came the sweetness and flavours. Biscuits, coffee, chocolate, acidity and a finishing cocoa. The flavour was rich and long-lasting

The chocolate was so smooth. There were no coffee grounds. Damson wanted a smooth texture with "an even flavour throughout. Something that will release flavour as it melts"

Such a smooth smooth texture. I particularly enjoyed sucking that acidity, I am all about juicy acidity with craft chocolate, it feels like summer. In my notes, I see I was quite excited about this chocolate, and finished the tasting with "BOOM"

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