Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste

It may be hard to believe, but, I love Dairy Milk.

I know that by definition it isn't really chocolate. It's that nostalgia though. Oh, and it's great at satisfying a sweet tooth. Please do not forget that it's the real stuff, real chocolate, that I'm really into, and only that. It's about knowing where the bean was grown, tasting the nuances, appreciating the farmers, the makers, the wonderful flavours. But you know, once the sun has set, Cadbury can be a good way to end the day, as long as it's Dairy Milk, and not every evening

Looking at Cadbury recently, there is an immense push on their product variance. New flavours, new ranges, new campaigns. And thankfully, all Dairy Milk. It's good to see the Dairy Milk brand being spotlighted. And so, I think things are looking up for the Creme Egg next Easter ...

After getting to know Cadbury('s PR), I have become more aware of what the company is up to. I have decided to address the Big Taste range. And boy is it BIG. Three hundred grams big. It wasn't so much the range that caught my attention, more the idea of Cadbury having dark milk chocolate. This is, as you may or may not know, a trend of the "bean to bar" movement

Weighing in at 300g, and being longer than my forearm, these bars are a great size, in my opinion. The first bite: great. Like I said, I love Dairy Milk. Then there was something ... "cheap" tasting, and that came from the dark milk triangles. The dark milk alone tasted like your average hot chocolate powder mixed with a little water to make a syrup, and then mistaking a tsp of vanilla for a tbsp in this blasphemous concoction

Dairy Milk is all about its creaminess and milk flavour, after all there is a "glass and a half" in every 227g of the stuff. So you may be surprised that it actually worked with even more sweetness and creaminess from the white 'chocolate'. Please bare in mind I can have a very sweet tooth. Anyway, Cadbury's dark milk lacked a chocolate flavour, it was the third wheel in Dairy Milk and Dream's date. Just imagining what this could have been compared to what it actually was. I will get my violin out

All in all, the Big Taste range shall be popular, especially as it includes a 300g bar of Dairy Milk Oreo. People love that!


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