Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mast Brothers Sea Salt

This bar of Mast Brothers' Sea Salt was bought in Los Angeles, made in the Mast's Brooklyn factory

The chocolate is a blend of Madagascan, Tanzanian, Peruvian and Brazilian beans. This isn't stated on the packaging due to the Mast's new minimalism. I found out such detail from their website

The first thought when opening the chocolate went to how great that salt looked. Clustered-up, thoughts of purity

It had an earthy aroma. In taste, the salt was instant sweetness of the chocolate, flowing to saline and the ocean. The chocolate was bitter, seeming a little 'tainted' with chilli, there were biscuit notes, but then great juicy fruits (blackberry) too. Tannins surface nearing the finish

The texture was smoother than what I had expected to come from Brooklyn-made Mast chocolate. However, I am sure that a company like Mast Brothers, after hearing light speculation that the London-made chocolate is better, is all for constant improvement

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