Thursday, 25 September 2014

Willie's Cacao Venezuelan Gold Rio Caribe 72

Willie's Cacao truley is my favourite brand. To justify: it runs on a passion, it promises and delivers an experience, the design is aesthetically captivating, the product is sensational. My list could go on, but what's most interesting is that I perceive the identity behind the name *Willie's Cacao*, and this, to me, is what makes it a brand. Willie Harcourt-Cooze is fantastic, not that I know him personally but from Twitter, his documentary, and with some communication with him, it's crystal clear how passionate he is

In terms of chocolate, the Venezuelan Rio Caribe is the subject of discussion. I noticed right away the darker shade of brown it was. The aroma was earthy, coffee, very malty with a little mango, prune and coconut sweetness, and tomato (which I'm questioning, but I did definitely get tomato)
Like in aroma, the flavour too had a heavy roast. There was a distinct bitterness and rich cocoa. I didn't get the "complex nut" but I did get the coffee notes suggested by Willie. There was a sweetness and a berry fruitiness that would sieve its way through the strong cocoa taste. Overall it tasted like a red wine with a cocoa finish. The high cocoa quotient, along with the deep roast, brought real darkness to the chocolate. There was a feel of tannin on the tongue and I was hit with whiskey which, exploiting the surprise, was quite nice...

*Update 17.5.15- moments prior to the finish is a really lovely flavour amongst what has been said above* 

OK, so this Rio Caribe didn't enthuse me like Willie's Cacao has done in the past. It was enjoyable, but the shortfall in acidity (though a noticeable acidity), the mighty deep roast and predominant cocoa flavour, however, just did not tantalise my taste-buds

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