Monday, 1 September 2014

Madécasse 75%

This chocolate was made from Madagascan cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin and Madagascan vanilla. I found it unusual how this bar had an emulsifier and flavouring whereas Madécasse's 80% (which is sitting in my collection) doesn't. Madécasse have their chocolate manufactured in Madagascar and the cocoa is seemingly traded exceptionally fairly

I liked the beauty of the rustic recycled paper packaging but the fact it was Madagascan more. Madagascan cocoa is known for its vibrant flavour and crisp acidity - I'm ALL about this in fine chocolate

My bar had been slightly scuffed and looked dusty grey until I rubbed it with my thumb. It had a bold aroma with dried cranberry and cherry, malt, spice (nutmeg), red wine, strawberry, rose and a subtle nut

The flavour was slow to begin. It opened with roasted cocoa and wood then surfaced the red fruit sweetness: cherry, red wine, dark fruity syrup. It had a very red aura. There was little acidity, favouring tannin more. There were also soft notes of banana, nut and malt. The melt was dusty and the chewing texture was quite brittle suggesting less fat (but really because it had bloomed). The finish was distinctly cocoa and slightly bitter

If this chocolate was fresher I'm sure it would have had a different impact, certainly a better texture. Although the chocolate wasn't particularly acidic, it was very aromatic and had an enjoyable taste, so I think just because of the texture it didn't thrill

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